I have been doing knotwork since a teen. Macrame, then more complicated stuff. 


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Tapered Crown Sinnet (or Sennit ) Keyfob
The name says it all. Three-stranded Turk's Head on the top.
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ABOK #3750

In the Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK) is this Keyfob/Bell Rope. Knot #3750, which is (near as I can figure) the following knots:

  1. 2961 (3-strand plat)
  2. 696 (Footrope)
  3. 2913 (6-Strand Crown Sennit)
  4. 757 (Diamond Sennit - a substitution)
  5. 881 (Star)



The second knot is done with gray Speedboot Lace I bought from Martin Combs.

I used a simple braid for the loop instead of the plait.

ABOK #3757 and #3750

Knot #3757:

  1. 2999 (Square Sennit)
  2. 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker)
  3. 3001 (8-Strand Square Sennit)
  4. 761 (Sennit)
  5. 2920 (Crown Sennit)
  6. 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker knot - with an additional tuck)
  7. 954 (Octagonal Knot)
Nana's Bell

Found this on Craig's List. "Nana's Bell" needed a new home when Nana passed. Some Brasso and a new Bellrope. Great sound!

Harrison Book Bellrope #105

The Harrison Book of Knots. 

  1. #106 4-Strand Square Sennit
  2. #108 Round Sennit
  3. #14 8-Strand Matthew Walker
  4. #15 8-Strand Star
  5. #111 Cross Stitching over a core
  6. #18 8-Strand Diamond Sennit
  7. #77 8-Strand Wall and Crown Knob
Knot Table

This is a "Dictionary Table" that was sitting in the basement. Spools on Dowels, Storage Space, clamps, all that I need - for now!

My cousin-in-law (and shipmate) Hugh has this wall hanging from ABOK in the Virgin Islands.
Boatswain's Pipe and Lanyard
7" Nickel-Plated Copper Bell with Bellrope
Bellrope Detail



The Bellrope is a Braid, Footrope, Sennit, Matthew Walker, Star, Sennit (with gradually added rope), and finished with a 5-strand Turk's Head.