I have been doing knotwork since a teen. Macrame, then more complicated stuff. 


Hey! Hands off that beer!

Tapered Crown Sinnet (or Sennit ) Keyfob
The name says it all. Three-stranded Turk's Head on the top.
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ABOK #3750

In the Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK) is this Keyfob/Bell Rope. Knot #3750, which is (near as I can figure) the following knots:

  1. 2961 (3-strand plat)
  2. 696 (Footrope)
  3. 2913 (6-Strand Crown Sennit)
  4. 757 (Diamond Sennit - a substitution)
  5. 881 (Star)



The second knot is done with gray Speedboot Lace I bought from Martin Combs.

I used a simple braid for the loop instead of the plait.

ABOK #3757 and #3750

Knot #3757:

  1. 2999 (Square Sennit)
  2. 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker)
  3. 3001 (8-Strand Square Sennit)
  4. 761 (Sennit)
  5. 2920 (Crown Sennit)
  6. 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker knot - with an additional tuck)
  7. 954 (Octagonal Knot)
Nana's Bell

Found this on Craig's List. "Nana's Bell" needed a new home when Nana passed. Some Brasso and a new Bellrope. Great sound!

Harrison Book Bellrope #105

The Harrison Book of Knots. 

  1. #106 4-Strand Square Sennit
  2. #108 Round Sennit
  3. #14 8-Strand Matthew Walker
  4. #15 8-Strand Star
  5. #111 Cross Stitching over a core
  6. #18 8-Strand Diamond Sennit
  7. #77 8-Strand Wall and Crown Knob
Knot Table

This is a "Dictionary Table" that was sitting in the basement. Spools on Dowels, Storage Space, clamps, all that I need - for now!

My cousin-in-law (and shipmate) Hugh has this wall hanging from ABOK in the Virgin Islands.
Boatswain's Pipe and Lanyard
7" Nickel-Plated Copper Bell with Bellrope
Bellrope Detail



The Bellrope is a Braid, Footrope, Sennit, Matthew Walker, Star, Sennit (with gradually added rope), and finished with a 5-strand Turk's Head.

Main Line Church Bell

The Challenge: Every Bell needs a Bellrope.

#1 - Make the Bellrope and figure out how to attach it. Hadda be cut and spliced. So a little study was needed.  

#2 - Some practice.

#3- Wait until no one was looking, slide up a folding chair, and hunker down with my gear. 

Glasswork and Mats 

Hidden Third Color

Black replaces Sage for one turn in the Matthew Walker. 

Black replaces Sage for one turn in the Turk's Head. 


Knot Table Circa 2021